Dynamic Power Systems Laboratory

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Housed in Strathclyde’s Technology and Innovation Centre, the DPSL offers a number of state of the art research and validation platforms for high integrity resilient power and energy systems for energy and decarbonised transport applications. Underpinned by leading-edge hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) techniques, a wide array of experimental investigations are undertaken in this infrastructure by national, international and industrial research teams. The systems-level assessments of disruptive and decentralised power, energy storage, control, protection, monitoring and communications solutions are enabling net-zero, secure operations.
The cyber-physical test beds support:

  • High fidelity Power HIL validations for grid, aero and marine system-level assessments
  • Rapid prototyping of compact power converters
  • Controller HIL replay of systems events for grid code, protection scheme, control scheme evaluation and optimisation
  • Rapid 100kW microgrid based prototyping for renewables and storage integration
  • Geographically distributed simulations for large scale validations
  • Fault emulation and protection testing platforms
  • Resiliency assessments
  • Wide-area protection and control demonstration platform
  • Innovative formal testing methods for evolving systems
  • AC, DC and hybrid systems capabilities
  • Real time grid monitoring platform enabling remote access.
  • Digital twin prototyping and validation platform 
  • Cloud-edge-end computing platforms supporting enhanced decentralisation 

This facility provides a valuable systems-focussed environment that brings researchers together from multiple disciplines to address integrated power and energy problems. Furthermore with its rapid prototyping and fast reconfiguration capability, it has established an excellent track record of collaborative research, short term research internships, remote testing, and distributed experiments linking laboratories around the world.


Electrical power systems
hardware in the loop validation
real time simulation
protection and faults
distributed laboratories
wide-area monitoring protection and control (WAMPAC)



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