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The Smart Grid laboratory at Durham University is equipped with the state-of-the-art real-time simulation equipment (RTDS and Opal-RT) together with a fully controllable Power Amplifier acting as a grid emulator and capable of synthesising voltages at both AC (single and three-phase) as well as DC. Meanwhile, the Smart Grid laboratory hosts a flexible low-voltage distribution network, which hosts facilities for emulating and integrating renewable generation resources (e.g. Solar PV and Wind) as well as energy storage systems (e.g. battery storage), EV charging station, and Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHP). The Smart Grid laboratory will be expanded to host a variety of consumer specific facilities for integrating and testing household appliances for purposes of large-scale, long-term data acquisition which could then be used in relevant research projects (for example informing pricing schemes for incentivising consumer demand-side management). In addition to the facilities above, the Smart Grid lab is also equipped with state-of-the-art data acquisition systems, including the cRio controller modules by National Instruments. They include several modules for taking multi-channel voltage and current measurements as well as temperature measurements. The Smart Grid laboratory in the past played host to a variety of research projects including the Customer-Led Network Revolution project (CLNR) which was essentially a large-scale Smart Grid demonstrator project tasked with gathering large-scale consumer data using a network of smart meters to inform consumer behaviour, inform methods for better segmentation of consumption patterns within domestic consumers, and provide a platform to showcase state-of-the-art smart grid technology for use in future electricity networks. In addition, the academic team at Durham have been involved in a variety of research projects, details of which are given in their profiles below. 

More information on the Smart Grid lab can be found in the link below:


A portfolio of projects currently under way using the smart grid laboratory:


There are other projects, including PhD projects that are currently underway using the facilities within the Smart Grid lab.


smart grids
energy/power systems
consumer networks
energy storage
real-time digital simulation
data modelling



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