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Outside organisations are welcome to make use of our facility for approved research or clinical purposes, at favourable commercial rates. Please contact Professor Amanda Ellison for further information. The Centre boasts an exceptional array of state-of-the-art equipment for structural and functional MRI studies, including:

1) 3T Whole Body MRI System (Siemens Magnetom Trio);

2) 32- and 12-channel head coils, various Flex and Body Coils;

3) Cambridge Research Systems BOLDscreen MR Safe display (providing superior image quality for vision research: super high brightness, high contrast, high resolution visual stimuli);

4) Cambridge Research Systems MKII Visual Stimulus Generator (ViSaGe) for displaying calibrated computer generated visual stimuli;

5) Magnacoustics high-definition auditory stimulus presentation system;

6) Psychology Software Tools Fibre Optic Button Response System comprising fibre optic interface console and two button boxes with five response buttons each for accurately gathering participant responses and verify signals;

7) Cambridge Research Systems LiveTrack AV for fMRI video eye tracking system providing real-time estimates of eye rotation, direction of gaze coordinates and pupil size;

8) Psychology Software ToolsMRI Simulator (mock scanner replicating 3T Siemens Magnetom Trio) for introducing special populations such as young, elderly, and psychiatric participants to the scanner, and for piloting stimulus presentation schedules;

9) Cambridge Research SystemsMediGlasses to MR-safe prescription spectacles with -5 to +3 dioptre lenses in 0.5 dioptre increments;

10) Brain Innovation Turbo BrainVoyager software specialised for real-time fMRI data analysis and neuro-feedback applications.

11) Brain Innovation BrainVoyager MRI data analysis software (regularly upgraded);

12) Various software packages for programming stimulus presentation (Matlab (incl. Psychtoolbox), E-Prime, Presentation, Superlab).


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