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Dementias Platform UK Data Portal  (DPUK Data Portal) holds detailed information on more than 2 million individuals from over 50 long-term health studies, known as cohort studies.

By joining data from all these cohort studies, we provide a secure, integrated and collaborative environment, where scientists from academia and industry can share knowledge and conduct joint research programmes, subject to strict governance permutations.

The portal is the technology hub of Dementias Platform UK – a public-private partnership funded by the Medical Research Council (MRC) to enable and accelerate the discovery of new ways to understand, diagnose, and treat dementia.

Based at Swansea University Medical School, the portal brings the records together, ensures they are secure, supports data linkage studies using phenotypic, genomic, and imaging data, and makes them easily available for the benefit of academia, industry, regulators, health care providers, patients, and the public.

University of Oxford Department of Psychiatry leads the overall programme, which is researching:

    • Dementia,
    • Cognition,
    • Ageing,
    • Machine Learning,
    • Genomics,
    • Imaging.

The Dementias Platform UK Data Portal at Swansea University Medical School has been awarded a total of £1.2 million by the Medical Research Council (MRC).



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