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The Coastal, Ocean and Sediment Transport (COAST) laboratory, housed in the Marine Building at the University of Plymouth. This world class facility provides physical model testing with combined waves, currents and wind, offered at scales appropriate for device testing, array testing, environmental modelling and coastal engineering. This is a flexible facility with the capability to generate short and long-crested waves in combination with currents at any relative direction, sediment dynamics, tidal effects and wind. The Marine Building is home to a host of dedicated scientific, engineering and technical staff who are experienced at supporting commercial projects, as well as teaching and research work within the COAST research group since 2012.

One of the key features of the COAST lab is its flexibility. The facilities include, an Ocean and Coastal Basin and two wave and current flumes.

The Ocean Basin is a unique facility that allows waves and currents to be generated at any relative orientation and can be run at different water depths. This basin can be used to create unidirectional and directional wave fields, regular waves, wave spectra and currents putting it at the forefront of testing for marine renewable energy arrays. Future developments of the facility include the provision of a wind generation facility.

The Coastal Basin allows sediment transport and coastal structures to be studied at scale in a controlled environment.

COAST houses two wave and current flumes. A 35m flume, with sediment capability and a 20m fume, with sediment capability which can also be tilted. The inclusion of current circulation in the facility allows tidal energy to be studied as well as wave energy technology. The novel current circulation technology enables a smooth current to be modelled with minimal disturbance to the wave signal. This enables the controlled study of wave-current interaction and wave-current-device interaction. 

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