Centre of Excellence in Infectious Diseases Research

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The Centre of Excellence for Infectious Diseases Research (CEIDR) is a partnership between the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (LSTM) and University of Liverpool (UoL) focused on translational partnering in infectious diseases. CEIDR is developing partnerships with industry, applying the technologies, expertise and resources of LSTM and the UoL in the rapid translation of infectious diseases research, with a primary focus to combat the threats of resistance to public health word-wide. Resistance currently is associated with ~700,000 deaths p.a. but is forecast to rise to >10 million p.a. unless novel interventions are developed. Liverpool is a major academic and translational centre for infectious diseases research with >500 researchers in LSTM and UoL working directly in this field. We have a successful track record working with industry from discovery through to clinical trials contributing to products currently in clinical development or on the market including small molecules, insecticides, vaccines, biologics, virulence modifiers, diagnostics and other therapeutic adjuncts. Our initial focus is on: (i) Therapeutic Accelerators: CEIDR is fostering the development of existing and new R&D engines to accelerate development, minimise and combat resistance. This involves advanced techniques in experimental medicine, application of experimental models, influencing developmental pathways, and regulatory activities. CEIDR has access to the knowledge base and analytical infrastructure required including, quantitative pharmacology, PK-PD modelling, and bioanalytical sciences (LC/MS/MS, MALDI-MSI). (ii) Clinical trials networks to validate new agents for resistance management: CEIDR has networks at the Royal Liverpool Hospital and Alder Hey Children’s Hospital and sites in Africa (Malawi, Uganda, Tanzania, South Africa and Cameroon) that can validate the efficacy of new drugs, insecticides and adjuncts in reducing disease, and establishing their role in resistance management. (iii) Develop new approaches for the stewardship/sustainable use of new therapeutics to maximise effectiveness and minimise the emergence of resistance. CEIDR brings together multi-disciplinary teams to help define optimum routes for introducing new therapeutics, while reducing the risk of resistance. This includes theoretical modelling and direct operational assessment to generate the evidence base for optimal new product placements.


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