Centre for Rapid Online Analysis of Reactions

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The Centre for Rapid Online Analysis of Reactions (ROAR) is a central facility which provides critical equipment, software and expertise to enable data-rich experimentation in chemical synthesis. We support both fundamental and translational research, by providing protocols and tools to enable the rapid execution and analysis of reactions, delivering effective solutions to optimise reaction efficiency, selectivity, and robustness. Our Mission is to: • Provide critical equipment and expertise to the synthesis community • Pave the way for the 4th Industrial Revolution in chemical synthesis (Synthesis 4.0) • Discover and develop the next generation of (automated) synthesis and analytical technologies • Enable the UK to take leadership in the Molecular Sciences The technical capabilities of ROAR include: (i) high-throughput robotic reactor platforms which automatically prepare parallel arrays of hundreds of reactions (including programmable dispensing of solids and liquids), and performs multiple reactions at a range of temperatures and pressures, and automatically monitors reactions; (ii) data-rich kinetic experimentation platforms with online, in situ analytics (e.g. calorimetry, IR, UV-vis spectroscopy ) and automated sampling for offline analysis; (iii) continuous flow reactors for the investigation and scale up of homogeneous and multiphasic reactions, with high temperature (< 450 °C) and pressure (< 200 bar) capabilities, and with in-line analytics (e.g. IR, UV-vis and mass spectrometry); These core capabilities are supported by our dedicated analytical suite (UPLC-DAD-MS system, and a SFC/UPLC-DAD-MS hybrid system) and access to further analytical capabilities (e.g. Advanced Measurement Suite) within the Department of Chemistry. ROAR is a central resource created for the benefit of the Dial-a-Molecule Grand Challenge Network. 50% of our facility time is dedicated to external projects which are selected from open calls by an internationally leading Scientific Advisory Group. Under the auspices of a £4.7 M investment from EPSRC, Imperial College London, and our industrial partners.


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