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What we do: Cambridge University Libraries forms one of the world's leading research libraries providing access to and support for national and international scholarship based on its research collections. The main University Library is a flagship research library; working within a distributed network of faculty, departmental and College libraries which together form the rich collections for international scholarship. Who can use the service?: The main University Library is open to all. There is a simple process of registration for external visitors wishing to use the collections, including the print and electronic legal deposit materials and the Library's special collections. Many of the Library's historic research treasures are also available freely and openly online through the Cambridge Digital Library - accessed via the main website link below. Research Goals: To enable research, learning and education at the highest international levels through access and use of the library's holdings. Why it is important: As one of six Legal Deposit libraries for the UK and Ireland and a principal holding institute for the UK's Research Reserve of historic print publications, CUL is responsible for the long-term stewardship of the UK's documentary heritage in print and electronic format. The University Library has been collecting research materials for over 600 years, and holds archives, manuscripts, rare books and artefacts representing over 4000 years of thought and textual evidence. The collections represent the historic breadth of all academic subjects and is world-renowned for its support for scholarship in the arts and humanities. The University Library is also steward through the institutional repository to the research outputs (articles, data, theses) of the University of Cambridge - itself a rich intellectual body of work, much of it available open access, with deep resonance and significance for contemporary research, including science.


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