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BrUNEL is the UK's only Ultra high vacuum spectro microscopy suite for performing high resolution surface analysis of conductive crystalline and 2D/multilayer materials in both real space and momentum space using Energy filtered, photo electron emission microscopy and monochromatic high brightness light sources. It is a complementary laboratory facility to national synchrotron facilities allowing researchers to pre-analyse samples by imaging with high brightness, monochromated,VUV light imaging photoelectron spectroscopy and core level spectroscopy in real space, and electronic band structure in momentum space. Pre-analysed samples can be transferred under ultra high vacuum by vacuum suitcase directly onto beamline end-stations (I05 & I06) at Diamond Light Source. This facility provides a unique tool for probing the first few atom layers of a material surface or interface. It has been demonstrated in published work that the NanoESCA provides chemical information that is not revealed by other analytical techniques due to their information depth being too large and not sufficiently near-surface sensitive. BrUNEL has establish 20 new collaborative research activities, 8 of which are with world class researchers located across Europe and the US. The research is largely Chemistry- and Physics-based involving materials research into catalysts, thin film solar, batteries, nuclear materials, 2D, topological and multilayer structures for opto-electronics and spintronics. BrUNEL has become an internationally recognised centre of excellence in spectromicroscopy for materials for energy and the emerging NanoBio field. We aim to engage not only with academic researchers but also with industry, providing a 'goto' service for solving advanced material challenges.


Biological Sciences, Health & Food
Physical Sciences & Engineering
X-ray Photo emission Spectroscopy
Imaging Ultra violet Photoelectron Spetroscopy
Spot Profile Low Energy Electron Spectroscopy
Variable Temperature Scanning Probe Microscopy
Scanning Kelvin Probe Spectroscopy
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Bristol Ultra Quiet Nano ESCA Laboratory (BrUNEL)

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