Bristol Bioresource Laboratories

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Bristol Bioresource Laboratories (BBL) provides a high quality, professional and responsive sample processing and biobanking service based at the University of Bristol. The expertise of BBL is underpinned by 25 years of experience in biological sample management for both large cohorts and small studies. The Quality Management System of BBL is ISO 9001 certified by BSI under certificate number FS 651591, which highlights BBL's commitment to customer focus and quality. A variety of sample types can be processed and stored by BBL including, but not limited to, blood, saliva, urine, placenta, teeth, DNA and cell lines. Services include DNA extraction and quantification. Within the biorepository samples can be stored at a range of temperatures from ambient through to -180oC. BBL are able to accurately and promptly retrieve and distribute samples from the biorepository. A bespoke Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) ensures traceability of samples at all times. Over 2 million samples from 25 plus sample types are stored in the biorepository with the infrastructure to add further collections. BBL is a Human Tissue Authority (HTA) licensed facility and all samples are handled adhering to the HTA standards for the Research sector, information security guidelines and relevant ethical standards.


Biological Sciences, Health & Food
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Social Sciences, Arts & Humanities
Population Cohorts
Human Tissue
DNA extraction
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