BrisSynBio: A BBSRC/EPSRC Synthetic Biology Research Centre

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The BrisSynBio Research and Innovation Infrastructure (RII) incorporates a distributed research infrastructure and capabilities that underpins the University of Bristol’s synthetic and engineering biology research endeavour. This includes:

BioSuite: Liquid-handling robots for cloning and assays, protein production, and protein crystallisation. 

700 NMR suite: provides high sensitivity NMR services for the routine characterisation of small molecules, peptides and proteins. 

BrisSynBio RII also includes facilities for high performance computing; peptide synthesis; a microfluidics foundry; and various imaging and related instruments. 

Facilities are managed by specialist technicians who oversee access, training, and support the design and execution of experiments. The goals and objectives of the BrisSynBio RII are to underpin world-class synthetic and engineering biology research at the University of Bristol and collaborating academic and industrial organisations, our spin out and start up companies, and to support innovation in synthetic biology and training of the next generation of synthetic biologists.

The BrisSynBio RII contributes to the UK's synthetic biology research and innovation endeavour, and in turn supports the UK’s position as a global leader in this field.


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