BrisSynBio: A BBSRC/EPSRC Synthetic Biology Research Centre

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The BrisSynBio RII incorporates a distributed research infrastructure and capabilities that underpins the University of Bristol’s synthetic biology research endeavour. This includes: Biosuite: a facility mainly focussed on supporting synthetic biology and related life sciences research. Additional work is also conducted with GW4 universities (Bath, Cardiff, Exeter and Rothamstead Research) and regionally based companies. BioSuite goals and objectives: With the wide range of instruments, experimental support can be provided from initial cloning steps, recombinant protein expression and purification through to the analysis of proteins or enzymatic reactions conducted and the growth of crystals for x-ray crystallography. Equipment training and experimental design/methodology are also provided. The automation capabilities of the facility allows researchers to tackle far bigger and more complex questions than traditionally possible 700 NMR suite: provides NMR services for the routine characterisation of small molecules, peptides and proteins. NMR goals are to underpin the widest possible range of research projects with cutting edge NMR technologies that maximise the quality and quantity of results that can be obtained by our users. This Facility is important as it underpins a significant proportion of synthetic biology research conducted in the University of Bristol. BlueGem HPC Facility: supports BrisSynBio researchers in addition to the University of Bristol’s BlueCrystal supercomputers. These clusters provide login access to thousands of compute cores and over one hundred graphics processors and also contain high performance and high-speed filesystems that support data-intensive simulations and database applications. BrisSynBio RRI also includes facilities for peptide synthesis; a microfluidics foundry; and various imaging and related instruments Facilities are managed by specialist technicians who oversee access, training, and support the design and execution of experiments. The goals and objectives of the BrisSynBio RII are to underpin world-class synthetic biology research at the University of Bristol and collaborating academic and industrial organisations, to support innovation in synthetic biology and training of the next generation of synthetic biologists. The BrisSynBio RII is important because it underpins the entire UK synthetic biology research and innovation endeavour, and in turn supports the UK’s position as a global leader in this field.


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