Bragg Centre for Materials Research

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The Bragg centre for materials research is a hub of research excellence at the University of Leeds, specialising in all aspects of material science from design to characterisation. The centre spans 15 constituent schools, drawing a core membership from the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences (FEPS) and has a physical presence in the WH Bragg building as the centrepiece connecting the Chemistry, Physics and Engineering disciplines on campus. The Bragg Centre marks a significant investment for the University of Leeds and is the delivery vehicle for Leeds’ activity as a partner of the National Henry Royce Institute (also known as Royce). 

The breadth of the Bragg centre research activities is encapsulated within 6 underpinning themes: Analytical science, Bionanotechnology, Electronic & Photonic Materials, Soft Matter, Functional Surfaces and Multiscale Materials. With its’ breadth of research activity and virtual structure, the Bragg centre has a uniquely collaborative culture where the boundaries between disciplines have been truly dissolved. 

The research activity at the Bragg centre is underpinned by state-of-the-art facilities for the growth, analysis, fabrication and modelling of advanced materials. A non-exhaustive summary of the centre's capability includes; 

  • the Leeds nanotechnology cleanroom, 
  • a unique all-in-one mutli-functional materials growth facility, 
  • a molecular beam epitaxy facility, 
  • Leeds electron microscopy & spectroscopy centre (LEMAS), 
  • a scanning probe microscopy facility, 
  • a versatile X-ray Spectroscopy facility (VXSF), 
  • 3D Photon correlation spectroscopy, 
  • Small & Wide angle X-ray scattering, 
  • Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), 
  • Differential scanning calorimetry, 
  • a THz Photonics laboratory,
  • an electron-beam lithography facility capable of sub-10-nm feature pattering, 
  • Integrated synthetic biology and bionanotechnology “wet” and rapid prototyping “dry” laboratories,
  • Expertise in modelling, theory & simulation. 

For further details of the Bragg centre's capabilities please visit the Bragg centre’s website.

The Bragg centre actively encourages external users to access the centre’s world leading equipment and expertise. Access is available across all levels of academia and to industry – from SMEs to Multinationals - both directly and through access schemes, such as those offered by the Royce partnership.


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