Birkbeck/UCL Institute of Structural and Molecular Biology Protein Crystallography and Biophysics Centre

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The ISMB Protein Crystallography & Biophysics (BiophysX) Centre provides coherent and supported access to a range of methodologies for the characterization and quantitative analysis of biomolecules and their interactions. The ISMB BiophysX Centre supports semi-automated screening of proteins and protein complexes for structural study including crystallization (robotic sample handling, Mosquito and crystal hotel system). We seek to enable accurate analysis of biomolecular interactions that support, for example, mechanistic understanding of biological functions, evaluation of potential therapeutic agents, benchmarking of novel biosensor technologies. Instruments available for protein characterization and interaction analysis include dynamic and multi-angle light scattering (DLS/MALS), biolayer interferometry, microcalorimetry (ITC and DSC), stopped-flow rapid kinetics, thermal shift screening and UV, visible and fluorescence spectroscopies. Through long-term investment in instrumentation and staff the Centre seeks to develop a the capability and experience to solve users problems in characterising a wide-variety of biological systems. The Centre provides training and advice to all users and seeks to promote best practise in experimental technique and data analysis in order to improve reproducibity of results. Centre staff are active in improving biophysics research capability in Europe through the ARBRE-MOBIEU COST action network. The ISMB Biophysics Centre was established in 2006 through joint investment by UCL and Birkbeck,University of London to provide efficient an effective access to biophysical analysis technologies supported by expert technical advice. While the the majority of Centre users are from the founding institutions, its central location in London, accessibility and expertise mean that around 30% of users are from other London HEIs, charity-funded research organizations or SMEs.


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