Bioscience Technology Facility

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The Bioscience Technology Facility (BTF) provides access to technology and research services for the biosciences. This unique facility allows ready access to a wide range of technologies and expertise in an integrated manner that can help drive forward your research efficiently and cost effectively. The BTF is one coherent set of core labs which include Imaging and Cytometry, Genomics and Bioinformatics, Metabolomics and Proteomics, Molecular Interactions and Biophysics, and Protein Production. Each lab has its own lab head and support team of dedicated senior research technicians and experimental officers. The labs and the 24 staff are all integrated in 2000m2 of purpose built space with over £11m of equipment that offers wide of the most complete set of technology solutions for the life sciences. We are open access on a fee-for-service or access to instruments and beyond over 300 internal users, we are accessed by over 30 external companies and over 30 other academic institutes per year. We provide simple access and support, bespoke and open courses for all levels of experience, contract research services through to being available for research partnerships and house embedded commercial scientists who need ready access to research facilities and expertise. We are regularly involved with consultancy work and are a major beta-test site for many commercial equipment manufacturers from within the UK (e.g. Phasefocus, Oxford Nanopore), as well as international companies (e.g. Carl Zeiss, Beckman Coulter, Tomocube). We are also one of 6 Global Access Sites for Nanostring protein and transcriptomic spatial profiling. Our purpose is to enable our users to undertake the very best science through correct and efficient use of the latest technology platforms. We serve a multi-disciplined Department of Biology, as well as our external users. The core staff therefore are technology experts with a good understanding of many biological sample types. We can readily adapt approaches being used in one field of biology in to others where it will also have an impact. Through being open access to all user types, we have created a self sustaining model through user charges. This has been vital in maintaining staff and instruments over our 20 years of operation.


Biological Sciences, Health & Food
E-Infrastructure & Data
Physical Sciences & Engineering
Social Sciences, Arts & Humanities
Mass Spectrometry
Protein Production



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