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What it does: BioPilotsUK is a distributed infrastructure providing access to key hardware, skills and knowhow, for both industrial and academic R&D to aid innovation and de-risk the development of bio-based products and processes. Research Goals etc: • Provide simple-to-access responsive support to academia and businesses to accelerate innovative growth in the UK bioeconomy. • To assist UK industry realise potential investments in biobased research and innovation and bring new products to market. • To increase cooperation and delivery potential between industry and academia across a range of technology readiness levels. • To assist in the scale-up and potential commercialization of world class bio-based research. • To help build the UK bioeconomy skills base through increased exchange of expertise and knowledge. • To provide links to existing world-class knowledge base imbedded in UK universities • Provide coherent sector input into provision of evidence to government, inform stakeholder groups and to act as a conduit to inform relevant government departments. • To work synergistically with the BBSRC NIBB within the bioeconomy sector to provide an outlet to take promising technologies to the next development stage Why is it important: The value of the UK bioeconomy in 2014 was estimated to be £220bn and supported 5.2m jobs (see: Industrial Strategy - Growing the Bioeconomy: A national bioeconomy strategy to 2030, BEIS 2018). Building a world-class bioeconomy will transform our economy by removing our dependence on finite fossil resources. Bioscience and biotechnology has the potential to create new solutions that are economically and environmentally sustainable as well as resource efficient. These solutions will help to tackle global challenges and create opportunities in agri-food, chemicals, materials, energy and fuel production, health and the environment BioPilots UK aims to provide an integrated innovation and scale-up support programme for the UK bioeconomy. Together, we de-risk the commercialisation of bio-based products and processes by trialing new technologies to ensure our partners are investing in the right technologies for their business.


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