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The Biomedical Imaging Unit is a joint University of Southampton (UoS)/ University Hospitals Southampton NHS Foundation Trust (UHS) facility for diagnostic and research microscopy. The BIU houses microscopes capable of 2-, 3- and 4D imaging (from brightfield microscopy through to confocal, light sheet, time lapse, virtual scanning, µCT, SEM, TEM & serial block face SEM) using a range of imaging sources (light, x-ray and electron). We are the only joint NHS/University imaging facility in the country, are accredited to UKAS 15189, (…) and have one of the largest diagnostic EM caseloads in the UK. Our core staff, services and facilities serve a wide user base from the Faculty of Medicine, the wider University, other universities and research institutes, industry and artists - anyone with a need for high quality and high resolution microscopy. With some 250 users per year (internal, external and international) a key aspect of the BIU is formal and informal training: • Day to day training and demonstration to our users • Accredited postgraduate courses in advanced light microscopy (2 per year), transmission electron microscopy (2 per year), and computed tomography ( 2 per year), wax histology (1 per year), resin histochemistry (1 per year), 2D (5 per year) and 3D (2 per year) image processing and analysis. The duration of these courses is from 1 day (2D image analysis) to five days (Advanced light microscopy). We accept internal and external delegates. Delegates on formal courses > 500 in the past decade. • Diagnostic training courses for international delegates • User group meetings (e.g., UK 3View users meeting) • We have and continue to host a number of internships • We contribute to run undergraduate courses in imaging • Extensive outreach activities to all ages


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