Biological Engineering: Wastewater Innovation at Scale

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Newcastle University’s new Biological Engineering: Wastewater Innovation at Scale (BEWISe) facility is the first of its type in Europe in large-scale wastewater treatment research using bacteria.  It is an international centre of research excellence and experimentation for wastewater management technology.

The facility is based at Northumbrian Water’s sewage treatment plant at Birtley, near Gateshead.  It will play a key role in improving how sewage is treated. It will do this by speeding up the transition from existing energy-intensive treatment processes to low carbon alternatives with lower running costs.

It allows experimental investigation of water engineering innovations across a range of scales. It allows work that is scientifically rigorous and credible so we are setting a new global standard for wastewater research.  We are a world-leading research space, developing cutting-edge solutions for sustainable wastewater treatment. We are delivering:

  • the ability to reduce the costs and timescales of designing novel biological treatment processes
  • innovative technologies that harness biology to clean wastewater
  • demonstrations of sustainable approaches to wastewater treatment never tested before

We are reducing barriers to innovation by:

  • sharing the costs
  • offering control at scale
  • accounting for uncertainty by allowing variation to be studied

At BEWISe, Newcastle University and Northumbrian Water Group are working together to speed up innovation in sustainable wastewater treatment, experiment with low-energy biological treatment technologies and develop low-cost ways to generate energy from waste.

BEWISe is available to academia and industry to make innovations in wastewater treatment a reality for the water sector.  You can apply to use the facility on the website.


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