Baskerville Tier 2 High Performance Computing Facility

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Baskerville is an EPSRC-funded (EP/T022221/1) Tier 2 High Performance Accelerated Computing facility hosted at the University of Birmingham on behalf of EPSRC and the project partners Diamond Light Source, the Rosalind Franklin Institute, and the Alan Turing institute. It is designed for GPU-accelerated computing and aims to serve both machine learning and simulation communities. It is especially well suited for very large data workloads, featuring 186 Nvidia A100-40 GPUs and a large amount of high-speed storage to maximize throughput.

A proportion of the system is reserved for use by non-consortium users through the EPSRC Access to HPC scheme, which runs biannual calls for projects which are advertised at

Baskerville consists of 46 Lenovo ThinkSystem SD650-N V2 compute nodes, each with two 36-core Intel CPUs, 960GB
SSD, 512GB DDR4 RAM, and 4 Nvidia Ampere A100-40 GPUs interconnected with NVLink and connected to the CPUs with PCIe4. GPU bandwidth is 6.2TB/s per node. Nodes are interconnected with HDR Infiniband.

A Lenovo Distributed Storage Solution for IBM Spectrum Scale (DSS-G) provides 5.2PB of useable spinning disk storage and 0.5PB of solid state storage for high-throughput workloads. A broad range of software is available including the latest machine learning libraries.


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