Atmospheric Measurement and Observation Facility

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The AMF was established in April 2014, following a review of NCAS’s ground-based facilities and the service they provided to the community. Its remit is threefold: (i) to deploy instrumentation and provide a quality-controlled data product for field measurements; (ii) to provide underpinning laboratory facilities for calibration and experimentation; and (iii) to provide access to NCAS field sites for guest instrumentation. In 2018, under the direction of NERC, AMF merged with its sister facility NFARR (NERC Facility for Radar Research), to form the Atmospheric Measurement Facility (AMOF)

The major part of its activity lies in the first category, supporting field campaigns in atmospheric science. AMOF deploys state-of-the-art instrumentation such as radars, lidars and mass spectrometers, together with ancillary instrumentation and logistics, for a range of projects both ground-based, ship-based and airborne. The laboratory facilities provide calibration standards in gas-phase chemistry and access to an environmental wind tunnel. The field sites at Weybourne, Cape Verde and the BT Tower Chilbolton and Capel Dewi, offer the community a range of environments for field experiments where the basic necessities of power, internet and space are provided, alongside standard meteorological measurements. Together, AMOF offers far more capacity and expertise than could be maintained at an individual University. It also has a commitment to developing data standards that enable measurements to be easily combined and re-used in future. By continuity of staff and a commitment to maintaining up-to-date provision, it ensures that the UK is able to compete internationally in experimental atmospheric science. The Facility is provided by instrument scientists at five of the NCAS Universities and by STFC staff. Each Instrument Scientist is responsible for one aspect of the AMOF provision, and has proven expertise in that area, not only for maintenance and logistics of the instrumentation but also the scientific interpretation of the data. This close involvement of AMOF with the science enables the facility to respond flexibly to user needs and to keep abreast of developments in instrumentation and software. Access to AMOF is through the web site, where a full description of the different measurements on offer may be found.


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