ARCHER2 National Supercomputing Service

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ARCHER2 is the UK national supercomputing service based at EPCC at the University of Edinburgh. Available to researchers and industry, ARCHER2 is one of the largest CPU-based supercomputers in the world with over quarter of a million CPU cores connected together by the HPE Cray Slingshot technology and backed by large amounts of high performance storage.

ARCHER2 is suitable for use by researchers and data scientists who require access to large amounts of computational power for their work. There are a number of different ways to get access to ARCHER2, see the ARCHER2 access page on the website. All UK-based researchers can get a small amount of free ARCHER2 resource to trial the service by completing the ARCHER2 Driving Test.

As well as support for users of the ARCHER2 supercomputer, EPCC provides training which is free to all academic researchers and administers the eCSE funding programme that allows researchers and software developers to apply for funding to improve their software on ARCHER2. 

The ARCHER2 service is provided by EPCC, HPE, the University of Edinburgh and UKRI.


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