Archaeological Artefacts Forensic Analysis Centre

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Located in the Materials Analysis Laboratory (D242) of the Dawson Building, the Department of Archaeology has built up an equipment centre to facilitate the study of archaeological artefacts and materials. The centre supports a commercial research arm DARC run by Dr Kamal Badresharny and houses a number of analytical facilities: • Hitachi TM3000 SEM, with Oxford instruments EDAX • Bruker tracer 5i Portable XRF • Perkin Elmer Spectrum 2 FTIR • Camspec 17330 UV-Vis Spectrometer • Konica Minolta 2600d Spectrophotometer • Leitz Laborlux research microscope • Leitz 12 polarising microscope with reflected light capability • Wild M5 Stereomicroscope • Faxitron cabinet X-ray unit • Panalytical Aeris XRD copper tube • Lulzbot filament 3D printer • Z Corp colour powder-deposition 3D printer Elsewhere in the department : • GE portable medical X-ray generator • Leica research microscopes, including cameras, fluorescence, polarisers and stereo capability depending on specific unit • Professional photography suite, including darkroom and wet processing facilities • Modern and Ancient DNA analysis facilities • Isotopes analysis facility • Luminescence research facility • Dendrochronology equipment (semi-automated ring width counter) • Polishing wheel and saw • Claisse Laneo Bead Fuser • Pellet Press • Large volume ultrasonic bath • Dental Drill for small-scale cutting and grinding • .1 mg microbalance Arriving in academic year 2017/18 • GE or equivalent industrial CR x-ray plate reader (for use with the Faxitron in particular) • Konica Minolta or equivalent DR x-ray plate reader (for use with the GE medical x ray unit in particular) Archaeology shared equipment elsewhere in the university • Panlytical WD-XRF with ED-XRF core and microXRF attachment (in association with Geography) • Panalytical Aeris XRD cobalt tube (in association with Geography) • FEI Quanta Environmental SEM with Field Emission Gun QEMSCAN (purchase in 2018 in association with Physics)


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