Aerosol, Clouds and Trace Gases Research Infrastructure

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ACTRIS is a pan-European initiative to produce long-term, high-quality observations of aerosols, clouds and trace gases across a network of European sites. Societal and environmental challenges, such as air quality, health, sustainability and climate change, increasingly require a diverse range of measurements to underpin policy initiatives. ACTRIS will help to solve such challenges by providing a platform for researchers to combine their efforts more effectively, and by providing observational data of aerosols, clouds and trace gases openly through the ACTRIS Data Centre to anyone who might want to use them. Through experimental chambers and other laboratories, ACTRIS will provide researchers with access to advanced facilities across Europe, thus stimulating collaboration and research understanding. ACTRIS was accepted into the ESFRI (The European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructure) Roadmap in 2016. This means that ACTRIS has been identified as a new important pan-European research infrastructure, and that it has been deemed to be mature enough to be operational within the next ten years. The ACTRIS PPP project, with 20 member states participating, is currently designing the research infrastructure with a view to establishing an ERIC in 2019 and completing the implementation phase by 2025. The basic structure of the ACTRIS RI will comprise a Head Office and Data Centre; six Topical Centres providing calibration, training and development support for in situ and remote sensing in each of the topics Aerosols, Clouds and Trace gases; and national nodes which may be long-term observatories, or laboratories with particular capabilities for research in the ACTRIS area. The UK is planning to participate in ACTRIS as follows: i. Cloud remote sensing Topical Centre to Chilbolton Observatory (NCAS, STFC) ii. Cloud in situ Topical Centre to University of Manchester (cloud chamber) iii. Cloud remote sensing long-term measurements to Chilbolton (NCAS and STFC) iv. In situ trace gas and aerosol long-term measurements - Auchencorth Moss, Edinburgh (CEH) v. Photochemical aerosol chamber (University of Manchester, NCAS) vi. Roland von Glasow Sea-ice chamber (University of East Anglia) vii. Lidar laboratory (University of Hertfordshire).] Support for the long-term measurements will be provided through NERC national capability in NCAS and CEH and by commitments from the host Universities.


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