Advanced Materials and Surface Engineering Research Centre

Submitted by StephBonehill on Fri, 09/17/2021 - 13:37

Surface Engineering Lab equipped with 8 off magnetron sputter deposition systems for the production of thin films of metals, alloys, ceramics, etc on metal, glass, plastic and nanoparticulates. Expertise includes process development, production and testing of photocatalytic materials, functionalisation of nanoparticulates, antimicrobial coatings. Equipment scales from lab scale to pilot production scale. Tribiology testing lab for friction/wear tests.

Manchester Fuel Cell Innovation Centre, fully equipped with hydrogen fuel cell (PEM and SOFC) test rigs, XPS for surface analysis, AFM/Raman, Nanoindentation, glove box, electrochemical test stations, battery test stations, catalysis test rig, MWCVD rig for graphene production. Expertise in characterising materials for fuel cells and electrolysers, new catalysts for membrane electrode assemblies, developing new catalysts for dual fuel exhaust systems. Low Carbon/Green energy expertise, contributing to regional and national policies.

  • Screen printers for producing test electrodes for e.g. heavy metal detection in water, glucose levels in blood, wearable technology, etc.
  • Print City 3D printer lab, including metal printers. Developed world's first fully printed coin cell battery.
  • Smart grid technology, internet of things
  • Circular Economy Network, all elements of recycling, reusing and repurposing products


surface engineering
magnetron sputtering
thin films
hydrogen fuel cells
low carbon
additive manufacturing



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