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ADR Wales brings together world-renowned data science experts, leading academics and specialist teams within Welsh Government to produce evidence that shapes future policy decisions in Wales. ADR Wales is the focal point for data-related research in Wales and a major player in UK-wide efforts to transform research and policy environments. ADR Wales is a core element of the ESRC’s, via UKRI, ADR UK investment.

 ADR Wales unites specialists in their field from Swansea University Medical School and the Wales Institute of Social and Economic Research, Data and Methods (WISERD) at Cardiff University with statisticians, economists and social researchers from Welsh Government. Research carried out by ADR Wales accredited researchers is facilitated by the world-renowned SAIL Databank – an accredited processor under the Digital Economy Act (DEA) and ISO 27001 certified.

Internationally acclaimed, the SAIL Databank robustly and securely stores anonymised person-based data for research. It holds de-identified datasets in linkable form and, following further safeguards, makes selected data available via a secure remote access system to approved researchers. The SAIL Databank works collaboratively with data guardians, academics, regulators, members of the public, practitioners and policymakers from Wales, across the UK and internationally.

In addition, ADR Wales researchers based within Welsh Government have access to the Welsh Government Secure eResearch Platform (SeRP). SeRP is a complete customisable solution for data sharing, linkage and analysis in a safe, secure and controlled environment allowing data owners to remain in full control at all times. SeRP is independently audited and accredited to ISO 27001 and is an ‘Accredited Processor’ under the terms of the Digital Economy Act 2017.

Furthermore, ADR Wales operates two ‘Safe Settings’ areas where users securely interact with data within the Data Science Building (Swansea University) or Cardiff University (Park Place, city centre). The ‘Safe Settings’ areas are secure, closed office spaces where pre-approved users can interact with data under strict privacy and security measures. These areas have strict controls to ensure that the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data is maintained appropriately and in line with data provider requirements and expectations.

ADR Wales is able to operate either a remote access platform, where users can access data from home or other location, or if deemed necessary by data owners, it can use the above safe setting.

ADR Wales aims to address the priority areas for action in Wales, as identified in the Welsh Government’s national strategy Prosperity for All. ADR Wales’ work will enable Welsh Government to understand far more about the relationship between different areas of service provision and to better understand the experiences of people as they move through different services. This will in turn support the development of better integrated policy to support future generations.


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