Ada Lovelace Centre

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The Ada Lovelace Centre (ALC) provides computing hardware, builds software, and provides computational and data analytics expertise that will spark a paradigm shift in the capability of scientists to design, analyse and interpret experiments at relevant research infrastructures such as Diamond Light Source, ISIS Neutron and Muon Source, Central Laser Facility and Culham Centre for Fusion Energy. The ALC exists to: • Build capacity in advanced software infrastructure for the handling, analysis, visualisation, integration, modelling and interpretation of experimental data from large-scale research infrastructures • Build and curate scientific databases of analysed and published data from research infrastructures to enable long-term exploitation and re-use of the data • Contribute to a computational science programme to develop the next generation of scientific application codes • Develop the skills in data science and scientific software of new generations of scientists educated at the frontier of their disciplines in the fast-expanding field of data intensive science • Supply computational hardware to enable the data intensive analysis, simulation and modelling to be performed Large scientific facilities are becoming generators of ever increasing amounts of data. The quantity of data and complexity of experiments require both advanced computational modelling and data science expertise. The ALC is a new approach that concentrates scientific computing resources and skills alongside the Harwell and Culham-based research facilities. This has the potential to generate a step change in productivity, accelerating the translation of experimental data into research outputs. The ALC will provide computational modelling and data science alongside the UK national research facilities at Harwell and Culham. This catalyst has the potential to raise UK scientific productivity, improve the competitive edge of UK science and extract the most value from the multi-billion pound investment in research facilities. The ALC is an exciting entity that seeks to tackle the productivity challenges facing the UK in the emerging field of data science by establishing a cross-disciplinary data science centre. It is consistent with the ambitions of the Industrial Strategy Green Paper which points out that investing in science, research and innovation is “not just a few people in labs making breakthroughs, but about adopting new and more productive ways of working”.


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