Committed to environmental sustainability with efficient and better use of resources
ARCHER2 cabinets


ARCHER2 is the UK’s next National Supercomputing Service, providing world-class advanced resources for UK scientists. 

Funded by UKRI, ARCHER2 (Academic Research Computing High End Resource) enables scientists to simultaneously run large and complex calculations, performing advanced simulations to understand complex scientific processes and address key research challenges. It will deliver over 10 times the performance of the current ARCHER service, enabling researchers to solve new scientific challenges for the first time.

ARCHER2 is fully committed to reducing its carbon footprint and achieving Net Zero by 2040. Hosted at the Advanced Computing Facility near Edinburgh (operated by EPCC at the University of Edinburgh), ARCHER2 gets all of its electricity from renewable sources and is exploiting the climate of Scotland to minimise the energy required to cool itself. As computers run, they produce lots of heat which is energy intensive to remove. ARCHER2 is kept cool by pumping water through the system that has been cooled by the outside air. The cool water is then recirculated through the supercomputer, saving significant amounts of energy and cementing it as one of the most energy efficient high-performance computing centres in the UK. ARCHER2 can make use of this free cooling for the majority of the year, with its mechanical chillers only required on hot days. 

ARCHER2 is also managing the carbon footprint generated by travel to support collaboration, teaching and reporting. Through making sure staff choose the most efficient modes of transport and using carbon offset schemes, ARCHER2 is minimising the carbon emissions generated through essential travel.