3D-vision camera system integrated with AI

3D-vision camera system integrated with AI
Pioneering underwater technology: Cutting the time and cost of subsea inspections
Subsea survey equipment

Subsea surveys and inspections are essential to maintaining offshore wind farms, but current methods are laborious, time-consuming and expensive.

Based in Bristol, Rovco delivers cutting-edge subsea survey services. This SME’s pioneering underwater live 3D-vision technology, SubSLAM, provides owners and operators of offshore wind farms with a clearer and immediate picture of their subsea assets, and offers the potential to cut the cost and improve the quality of subsea inspections by 80%.

Rovco secured grants from Innovate UK and private investment to develop this camera system and integrate it with AI. System testing and validation were conducted at the Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult in Blyth, Northumberland. The Catapult’s unique dry-dock testing facility features a replica seabed that allows technology developers to carry out trials in a controlled subsea environment, while experienced offshore personnel and R&D technicians can replicate conditions found at an operational offshore wind farm site – boosting bankability and enhancing investor confidence in innovative solutions that perform well.

Rovco has now also secured significant backing from the Global Marine Group (GMG) and the two companies will work together to deliver a range of efficient, high-quality subsea solutions that improve data acquisition. Rovco’s SubSLAM technology will be deployed from GMG’s fleet of 21 specialised crew-transfer vessels. With estimated annual export revenue of £20 million, Rovco’s subsea robotics expertise has put it in line to become the market leader in subsea surveying.