Rapid development and launch of special questionnaires for all generations and ages to help understand the impacts of COVID-19 at both a national and regional level.
CLOSER Longitudinal Research


Funded by the Economic and Social Research Council, Cohort and Longitudinal Studies Enhancement Resource (CLOSER) brings together world-leading UK longitudinal studies with participants born throughout the 20th and 21st centuries. 

CLOSER’s work aims to maximise the use, value, and impact of longitudinal population studies (LPS) to help improve our understanding of key social and biomedical challenges. The UK’s LPS adapted rapidly in response to COVID-19 by developing and launching special questionnaires for their participants to help understand the health, social, economic and behavioural impacts of the pandemic at both a national and regional level and across all generations and ages. Alongside this, CLOSER helped capture and showcase this activity, including new surveys, data releases and the latest research and evidence.

CLOSER developed the COVID-19 Longitudinal Research Hub to act as a one-stop resource for researchers, parliamentarians and policy makers, now and in the future. The hub includes: 

  • COVID-19 Longitudinal surveys and survey metadata – providing information about the special Covid-19 surveys launched by the UK LPS, including latest data releases. It also provides access to search and explore metadata that is available through CLOSER Discovery which contains over 9,300 COVID-19 variables and over 2,600 COVID-19 related questions
  • COVID-19 Research, evidence and insights bringing together the latest COVID-19 longitudinal research and evidence, including briefing notes, reports, academic publications, and articles into one easy to use interactive tool.
  • COVID-19 Newsletters and blogs – an easily accessible platform that publishes a series of ‘Perspectives Blogs’ covering a wide range of topics relating to COVID-19 implications. Subjects include remote data collection on large scale longitudinal research, COVID-19 and inequality in psychological distress in the UK and an assessment of how older adults have been affected by COVID-19.

CLOSER has provided a vital resource for researchers and Governments to identify repeated measures across the LPS COVID-19 waves to determine whether data is immediately comparable or requires more work to combine into analyses. This has helped researchers and research users to understand the immediate and long-term impacts of the pandemic on individuals, families and communities.