The UK’s Research and Innovation Infrastructure Landscape

The UK is globally acknowledged as an open, enterprising economy built on invention, innovation and competition. Possibly less well-known is the research and innovation infrastructure that helps drive it.


UK Research and innovation infrastructures offer a wealth of opportunities to the world's problem-solvers. There are also numerous shared facilities with industry, public services and the private and charitable sectors, as well as numerous collaborations and partnerships that draw on the UK's infrastructure capabilities.


To promote and showcase the breadth of UK infrastructure capability to researchers, innovators, international partners and businesses, we have put together a representative snapshot of the UK’s current, remarkably diverse, incredibly dynamic infrastructure landscape.



national and international Infrastructures

500+ nationally and internationally significant infrastructures

92% collaborate

92% of our infrastructures collaborate with international partners

25000 people employed

25,000 people are employed at UK-based infrastructures

Public Policy and Business

42% work with public policy and ¾ with business

92% across disciplines

92% of our infrastructures work across multiple disciplines

39% come from outside UK

39% of users come from outside the UK




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