About InfraPortal

InfraPortal is a UKRI-funded website that contains information on hundreds of research and innovation infrastructures available to UK researchers and innovators. These include major equipment, resources such as collections, archives or scientific data, e-infrastructures such as data and computing systems, and communication networks. This website does not include whole institutions such as universities, campuses, nor information on small pieces of equipment.

What is research and innovation infrastructure?

Research and innovation infrastructures are facilities, resources and services that are used to conduct research and foster innovation.

This includes:

  • large-scale physical research facilities, equipment and sets of instruments, such as synchrotrons, research ships, scientific satellites and ‘living labs’ like The Energy Systems Catapult Living Lab.
  • knowledge-based resources, including scientific, cultural and artistic collections and archives, like the Archaeology Data Service, the UK’s openly accessible repository of heritage data.
  • networks of technologies and digital infrastructures, including data and computing systems and communication networks, like the high-performance computing service ARCHER.

Read our case studies to see how national infrastructure capabilities is supporting the UK's research and innovation community


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How do research and innovation infrastructures support strategic areas?

Research and innovation infrastructures are needed to underpin the UK's position as a research superpower, ensure the UK remains a partner of choice for collaboration and to conduct high-quality research and innovation necessary to tackle global challenges.

We have developed a series of informative factsheets designed to be accessible to a range of audiences, in particular policy makers. This series aims to raise awareness of the UK’s work on large-scale infrastructure and highlight the breath of infrastructure capabilities across the UK and their role in supporting key strategic areas.

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What is infrastructure

Why was InfraPortal developed?

InfraPortal was developed to showcase national research and innovation infrastructure capability. It serves as a discovery tool to help researchers and innovators to identify and access infrastructure, both across the UK and internationally.

InfraPortal was created by UK Research and Innovation as part of the Infrastructure Roadmap Programme. This programme identified and catalogued hundreds of research and innovation infrastructures across the UK.

This database includes infrastructures from all scales, from those providing a capability that is replicated at a local scale through to those that are globally unique. Some are located within the UK, others are located in other countries or even in the seas or skies.

You can find more about the work of the Infrastructure Team on the UKRI website.


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How does InfraPortal stay up to date?

InfraPortal is a dynamic resource that is continually being populated by the research and innovation community. For it to be sustainable and trusted, the information it contains must be complete and up to date.

We check all new entries comply with our criteria and ensure existing ones are updated by asking infrastructure content authors to review their content annually. We include the date when entries were last updated on every content page and remove any infrastructures that are not regularly updated.

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How can I add my infrastructure?

InfraPortal is currently focussed on research and innovation infrastructures that provide access to users from outside the institution hosting the infrastructure. In addition, we can currently only accept infrastructures that have some reliance on public funding. However, we recognise the important contribution that industry and charities make to the research and innovation infrastructure landscape and broadening the scope of InfraPortal will be considered for the future.

If your infrastructure meets these criteria, you can register your infrastructure by creating an account.


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What other tools are available?

InfraPortal has been developed to showcase hundreds of nationally significant research and innovation infrastructures which are available to UK researchers and innovators.

If you can't find what you're looking for, or need to find smaller pieces of equipment, please look at our selection of other resource catalogues.


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InfraPortal has been developed by UK Research and Innovation using open source platforms. UKRI is not responsible for the accuracy of the content provided directly by infrastructure content authors.

If you have any questions about InfraPortal then please get in touch at infraportal@ukri.org.